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 Post subject: New Macros
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Slash Commands
The following new slash commands will be available:
* Targeting: /targetlasttarget, /cleartarget, /clearfocus
* Target Cycling: /targetenemy, /targetfriend, /targetparty, /targetraid - All work using the TargetNearest* API's and enemy/friend may only be called once per macro. An optional argument of '1' can be used to reverse direction.
* Items and equipment: /use <itemname>, /use <slot>, /use <bagid> <bagslot>, /equip <itemname>, /equipslot <slot> <itemname>, /userandom <item1>, <item2>, <item3> will attempt to use a randomly selected one of the specified items
* Pet control: /petattack, /petfollow, /petstay, /petpassive, /petdefensive, /petaggressive, /petautocaston <spell>, /petautocastoff <spell>
* Casting: /stopcasting will cancel the spell that is currently being cast, /castrandom <spell1>, <spell2>, <spell3> will attempt to cast a randomly selected one of the specified spells
* Action bar: /changeactionbar <num> and /swapactionbar <num1> <num2>
* Attacking: /startattack [unit], /stopattack
* Buffs/Auras: /cancelaura name - cancels an aura as if it were right clicked
* Buttons: /click ButtonName [mousebutton]
* /target, /focus, and /startattack take all valid unit ids as well as entity names. Where applicable they default to target if no unit is specified.
* In WoW 2.0, feeding your pet, poisons, etc. will be even easier to macro: /cast Feed Pet then /use Dry Pork Ribs. You will also be able to click on food in your action bar when you are targeting Feed Pet and other item targeting spells.
* The first cast in a macro that fails will prevent further casts in the macro as if the 1.5 second global cooldown had been triggered.
* Item names can be used interchangably with spell names in /cast, /castrandom, and /castsequence

Conditional Macro Commands
The /cast*, /use*, /cancelaura, /changeactionbar, /equip, /target, /focus, /assist, /targetenemy, /targetfriend, /targetparty, and /targetraid commands can be given multiple actions and conditions on which to use those actions. The first matching action will be used. The syntax is as follows:

/command [option] action; [option1,option2] action

If multiple options are provided for an action, they must all be met before the action will happen. The options supported are as follows:
* target=unit - Run the command and perform tests on the specified unit (only applicable to spell casting or item use). You can specify 'none' as a target unit to act as if you have no target.
* help/harm - Choose depending on whether target is assistable or attackable
* combat - Choose depending on whether you're in combat or not
* stance or stance:# - Choose depending on your stance/shapeshift ("stance" alone matches any stance)
* stealth - Choose depending on whether you are stealthed
* mounted - Choose depending on whether you are mounted
* swimming - Choose depending on whether you are swimming
* flying - Choose depending on whether you are flying
* indoors - Choose depending on whether you are indoors
* outdoors - Choose depending on whether you are outdoors
* modifier or modifier:shift|ctrl|alt - Choose depending on any modifier keys you're holding at the time the macro runs
* equipped:<invslot>|<itemclass>|<itemsubclass> - Choose if you have the specific item type equipped
* actionbar:<bar> - Choose if a specific actionbar is shown
* button:Z - Choose if the specified button is held down
* pet:<name>|<family> - Choose if your current active pet has the specified name or family (e.g. pet:bear/wolf)
* channeling or channeling:spell - Choose if you are channeling (possibly a specific spell)
* exists - Choose if the target exists
* dead - Choose if the target is dead

For stance and modifier you can list multiple matching values separated by the / character for the option to be true if ANY of them are true. For example modifier:shift/ctrl matches if shift or control is held down.
Any option can be prefixed with 'no' to select if it does NOT match. For example [nocombat]

* There is a new /stopmacro [option,...] command that stops macro execution if the specified conditional options are met. e.g. /stopmacro [stealth].
* The pet action commands (/petattack etc) also allow for conditional execution as above.

Sequenced Casting
* A new command /castsequence reset=N/target/combat/shift/alt/ctrl spell1, spell2, spell3
* The reset line can specify a number of seconds after which a sequence resets, or if it should reset on target change or leaving combat.
* The sequence tracks the 'next' spell in the sequence until it resets, the next spell only advances on a successful cast.
* You can specify a conditional at the start of the command before the reset to filter whether the sequence is used (You cannot use per-spell conditionals)
* You can specify items as well as spells

Macro Feedback
* # and - are comment prefixes in macros
* A macro that starts with # show <item or spell> shows feedback for that spell, # show none shows no feedback.
* Otherwise the first /cast, /randomcast, /castsequence, /use, or /randomuse command is used to select the feedback spell
* Sequences actually cycle the item/spell they show feedback for to match the next in seqence.
* A new question mark macro icon is available, selecting that will cause the feedback spell/item's icon to be used.

Spell Casting
* When casting a ranked buff spell that's too high a level for a friendly target the game will automatically use the highest appropriate rank of the spell instead.
* Toggleable abilities will have a 1.5 second delay after being cast before they can be cancelled by clicking on them, to prevent accidentally canceling them. You can still right click a buff to cancel it anytime.

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